Everything You need to know about the Quickie GT Wheelchair

Quickie GT WheelchairThere is no better feeling you get when you know that you are getting the best from a product you purchase. The Quickie GT gives you that satisfaction. The modular frame and interchangeable components ensure that you get more than what one wheelchair would normally offer you, while the ability to easily adjust the back rest and solid optional front and rear suspensions ensures a comfortable ride this wheelchair. Sportaid.com presents this one of its kind wheelchair with amazing features.

Open Frame Design

A wheelchair user must at one point need to load and unload his chair from a vehicle or any other mode of transport. The design of a wheelchair determines how easily one can go about this daunting task. The Quickie GT has an open frame design “L” shaped for easy movement across the driver’s seat. The optional folding push-handles and standard folding backrest enhances this.

Easy-to-Adjust Folding Backrest

The adjustable folding-backrest on the Quickie GT presents one of the broadest adjustment ranges in the industry; 28″ total in 4″ increments. In addition, this wide range is a patent-pending spline adjustment-system that requires only loosening one bolt per side to make backrest-angle adjustments. The user needs not to align from the wheelchair while this adjustment is being made.

Extremely Ultra Light Aluminum Frame

The GT has the lightest frame in the whole world. The chair weighs 20.5 lbs, while the frame transport weight for the same configuration is 12.3 lbs.

This is the ultimate answer to the transportation: loading and unloading question.

Front and Rear Optional-Suspension

Optional front Frog-Leg and rear Quickie custom elastomer style suspension systems are the two suspension systems employed by the Quickie GT. They are available for purchase separately or combined to give that ride that you deserve. Additionally, the 16″ wide front casters and the mountain wheel option are a perfect combination for an outdoor ride.

Adjustable Front Caster Housing

The two adjustable front caster-housing systems feature our patented interlocking-spline design. The housings provide 8″ of forward and 8″ of rearward adjustment. The adjustments can be easily made by loosening a screw in the top of the housing. This type of flexibility provides a multitude of caster, fork, and rear-wheel combinations that are not available on models featuring fixed caster-housings.

5 Frames to choose from

The GT frame can be modified five different ways. The seat depth and width, front-frame angle 85-75 degrees frame inset and frame angles of up to 16″ on some configurations. The user has a vast variety to choose from according to his likes, preferences and comfort.

Quickie Xtender Power Assist

Besides, the Quickie GT wheelchair has a power assist option. That is another choice for the user to choose from, it is ideal for users who prefer manual wheelchairs but rely on assistance when going uphill or when taking long rides.

Backrest Choices

The seat depth of the GT remains constant, but the backrest mounts can be adjusted to fit different users. This guarantees that the user gets optimum comfort according to his specific needs.

The Axle System

The Quickie GT wheelchair consists of two axle systems, standard, amputee and suspension systems. Both are supported by a strong center of gravity adjustment within a 3.5″ range. This feature enables users find the ideal center of gravity for the perfect balance.


In conclusion, buying the Quickie GT wheelchair is the best decision anyone can make. It gives the user the freedom to modify it to suit his needs in very many ways and with its light weight and off road capabilities a choice that has all the qualities of an ideal wheelchair. Sportaid.com understands how this incredible wheelchair is a fabulous choice for anyone and is selling it with a 30% discount. Why don’t you enjoy this offer as you get excellent customer care support from sportaid.com