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Top End Schulte 7000 Series BB-The Number One Basketball Wheelchair

Top End Schulte 7000 Series BB-The Number One Basketball WheelchairHow do you make a choice of the best wheelchair in a sea of wheelchairs? This can be an uphill task if you ask me; Sportaid, however, has the right wheelchair for your every need. The Top End Schulte 7000 Series BB is among the many high-quality wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories that are available at Sportaid. The Top End is an incredible wheelchair with amazing features, keep reading to find out why the Top End Schulte is a perfect wheelchair choice.

Features of the Top End Schulte 7000 Series BB

Anti-tip 5th Wheel for Stability

The Top End Schulte is a sport wheelchair; it is therefore expected to give ultimate performance. Stability is a must for such a wheelchair that is the reason why it is built with an anti-tip 5th wheel for enhanced stability.

Absolute Rigidity and Strength

Also, the strength of the Schulte 7000 has not been left unattended to. The Invacare Top End’s sophisticated heat treating and powder coating process has been used to craft a wheelchair that is strong enough to take a beating and still stand out strong.

Reduced Wheelchair Weight

The Top End Schulte is among the best lightweight sturdy wheelchairs available at Sportaid. The aluminum material that it has been used to build the Top End Schulte reduces its weight by about 2lbs making it almost like titanium frames. The overall weight of the wheelchair is reduced by decreasing the thickness of the walls of the aluminum tubes that make the frame. The result is a light wheelchair that will complement your performance.

Custom Build Wheelchair

The Top End Schulte does not come in a one fits all design. It is custom built to suit every user’s athletic specifications. The whole design process is overseen by Paul Schulte the design engineer for Top End and a champion in wheelchair basketball.

The Pros and Cons of the Top End Schulte 7000 Series BB Series


  1. The Top End is stable and ideal for sporting activities; it not only brings out the best in you but also ensures your safety is guaranteed.
  2. It is a lightweight wheelchair with about 2lbs lighter than its predecessor; this feature enhances performance by making it light enough to easily move with speed.
  3. Strength is the first thing that any wheelchair buyer will look for, who wants a weak wheelchair when it is what you rely on to carry your whole weight? The Pro End Schulte stands out as a wheelchair built with strength thanks to the material used to build it.
  4. The Top End has a sleek sharp look that completes its look. The curved frame gives the wheelchair an attractive appearance which is a perfect choice for a trendy stylish look.


The Top End Schulte Series BB is highly priced, but the important thing is that you get the value for your money.


Sportaid presents to you the Top End Schulte 7000 a unique piece that is designed to cater for all your sporting needs. It is built with precision and the result is a rigid strong wheelchair that is lightweight. Sportaid with their amazing discount offers and amazing prices have the Top End Schulte for you. All you have to do is contact their friendly and helpful customer service team to place your offer.