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Wheelchair bags

Carry it all in the Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down under Bags

Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down Under BagsTake your valuables with you everywhere you go with these stylish bags that you can carry comfortably under your wheelchair seat. Let keys, your phone and even important documents you need to have like your identity card or even your money be tucked away safely within your reach in the Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down Under Bags. The bag comes with fantastic features that make it an ideal companion as you go about your everyday tasks whether at the workplace, out shopping or even on a day of fun out.

Features of the Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down under Bags

  1. The bag has a secure snapping attachment that ensures your valuables do not get lost when they fall out at any time.
  2. It comprises of one large main compartment with a smaller front pocket. Both have strong zippers that secure your valuables on every ride.
  3. The zippers are easy to open, you can easily reach out for your bag and zip it open in a second in fact with one hand (thanks to the nylon straps that it is made of) to find whatever you need anywhere without a struggle.
  4. It has quick release latches on both sides; this makes it easy to disconnect the bag especially when going through Airport security checks.

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