Top End All Terrain Wheelchair

Top End All Terrain Wheelchair – A Review

Top End Crossfire All Terrain WheelchairThis is the chair for the adventurous, free soul wanderers. It is ideal for going for outdoor activities. Going to the beach, fishing, hikes or even kayaking need not be something you can only do in your dreams. With the Top End All Terrain Wheelchair all these is at your reach. It is built with a durable aluminum rigid frame and with multiple colors to chose from.

The tire has 25 inch rear wheels for extra traction. The huge wheels are built to enable you move in all terrain without difficulty. It can move through grass, on gravel and can even be towed on a four wheeler while sitting in it. The front wheels are also large enough for you to roll over any obstacles and not get stuck. It operates well in muddy places.

The Top End Terrain has a weight capacity of approximately 130kgs. Weight is not a major issue for this wheelchair. Besides, the chair features are adjustable. The back height, foot rest and center of gravity can be adjusted to the user’s desire.

The Top End All Terrain Wheelchair has the Following Features

  • Rigid frame of 6061T Aluminum
  • Large 25″ knobby tires that give the wheelchair a stylish look
  • Adjustable side angle
  • Optional Quad-release axles
  • Large 8″ x 2″ front wheels that ease movement even in grass or muddy places

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