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Reverse Crunches

3 Basic Strengthening Workouts For Wheelchair Users

3 Basic Strengthening Workouts For Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users have to exert more effort when using their shoulders and arms. This makes it all the more important to improve upper body resistance through strengthening exercises that will help build muscle strength as well as improve upper body movement.

Currently, there are 2.2 million wheelchair users in the US, according to NICHD. The demand for wheelchairs is rapidly increasing together with the growth of the ageing population, which is why it is necessary to help seniors and disabled individuals improve their quality of life through enhancing upper body mobility and flexibility. If you believe that you need to start working on your upper body, start with these three basic strengthening workouts designed for wheelchair users.

Seated Tricep Dips

Using a wheelchair demands increased upper body strength, and this effective style of workout will help you meet that demand. The Seated Tricep Dips focus on the chest, triceps, and front of the shoulders. Start by sitting in a chair or your wheelchair and placing your hands on the armrests. Make sure to position the hands right beneath the shoulders; they should be aligned. Push your body up until your arms are completely extended. Lower your body slowly until you are seated properly. Continue reading