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Mobility made Easy: A Review of the Quickie GP Swing-Away

Review for the Quickie GP Swing-Away

The Quickie GP Swing-Away is a solid, rigid framed wheelchair. This wheelchair offers swing-away removable footrest for easy transfers. And as if that is not enough, it also offers detachable, height armrest option. Keep reading for more about the Quickie GP Swing-Away.

Features of the Quickie GP Swing-Away:

  • The options of the armrests allow customization which will enable you to mount a tray and also position upper extremities.
  • It has a rigid frame with swing-away removable footrests.
  • For even more positioning abilities, the chair has articulating and elevating leg rests.
  • A variety of seat depths and widths is also available for maximum comfort.
  • For easy portability, the GP comes with quick release axles that make removal of rear wheels easy.
  • It also has multiple wheels and caster options.

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