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Adaptive Fishing Kit

Adaptive Fishing Kit by Handi- Fishing That Never Stops

Adaptive Fishing Kit by Handi- Fishing That Never StopsThe loss of limb function or mobility should not stop you from enjoying your favorite sport. Sportaid has an adaptive fishing kit that will have you continue enjoying your fishing sport and if they are your relish, then you still have too many fishes to fry! The fishing kit from Handi includes the grasping cuff, fishing palm cuff and the reel deal. You can choose to buy it as a complete kit or only buy a piece of the three. They have the following features.

The Reel Deal

The reel deal is the real deal for individuals with limited or no hand function. It comes with the following features.

  1. It securely attaches to the bait casting and spinning reels where the handle is no more than one inch wide at the knob’s widest point.
  2. It is removable and can be attached to another reel handle. It will not properly attach to T-bar handles. Heavy duty Velcro on the outer side of the Reel Deal attaches to heavy duty Velcro on the Reel Deal Cuff.
  3. The Reel Deal works in collaboration with the cuff, it allows an angle to attach their hand with the cuff to the handle with the reel deal on it and reel in your line or fish.
  4. You can easily detach your hand from the handle for casting.

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