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Product Review of TiLite Aero X Folding Aluminum Wheelchair

Product review of TiLite Aero X Folding Aluminum WheelchairThe Tilite Aero X welcomes you to a world of adjustability by combining a number of adjustment mechanisms. It is an ultra-light folding wheelchair with a modular frame, this combined with a sleek design, modern lines and configurability in the field that allows you to add after-market seating systems, growing chair width or depth and switching fixed or swing away front ends to cater for the different tastes and preferences of the different clients. The Aero X has a standard design with added efficiency making it a strong and cost-effective chair. Besides, it has superior rolling dynamics and full adjustability which makes it perfect in performance.

The Aero X provides Tru-fit system which allows you to fine-tune the fit of your chair as per your needs. Oh, and did I mention that instead of bolting through the frame weakening holes the components clamp directly on to the frame, this reduces the number of holes on the frames. Aero X features a frame which is compact; with a fluid, easy-to-use folding mechanism and also side-to-side folding minimizes folding width and maximizes ease of transportation.

The Features of Aero X:

  1. Redesigned footplates are lighter with a rubberized non-slip surface and an updated look.
  2. Curved axle plate allows for the greatest range in the center of gravity adjustment and rear seat height adjustment.
  3. Improved speed loader design makes for easier, more durable adjustments and two positions (forward/backwards) for caster positioning.
  4. Snap-in seat saddles lock the cross tubes in place on TiLite’s rigid folding mechanism. This feature helps the Aero X achieve rigid chair performance.
  5. Machined plugs which are utilized by Aero X create rear wheel camber. In contrast to using washers to create rear wheel camber, the use of machined camber plugs precisely aligns the Aero X’s rear wheels, allowing the chair to consistently track straight.

The Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to fold and transport.
  2. It is light and narrow, easy to put it apart and load in the car.
  3. You can customize it to the exact features you like.
  4. Has attractive job paint. The wheel bearings are good. The fenders are well positioned and the push grips are nice.
  5. The comfort, the ease of adjustment, it is easy to keep clean, the fact that even the wheel pins are quick and efficient.
  6. It is light and quite easy to manoeuvre. The quick release mechanism on wheels makes disassembly easy to load in and out of the car.
  7. It is a sturdy, foldable chair. It is durable too.
  8. Compact and very nice chair, highly recommend the side guards, well worth the extra.
  9. It takes very little effort to move. With the Aero X, it feels that there is not as much effort used to get where you want to go.
  10. The hand grips for pushing the chair are very comfortable and ergonomic.
  11. Lightweight, custom fit. Surprisingly the light-up front wheels have a bigger impact than you would expect. Not only are they cool, everybody loves them and they are a big psychological boost for the patient.


  1. Wheels and tires need to be at least 2 inches wide for pushing the wheelchair through semi-packed loose gravel and dirt. Needs low rear steps for raising the front wheels over curbs.
  2. The height of the back does not adjust low enough. It can only go up to 11 inches, this is, however, more of a preference issue because there are some individuals who will be comfortable at that 11 inches. It depends on the individuals.

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