Carbon Series Back Support By ADI – A Review

Product Review of Carbon Series Back Support By ADIMaintaining a good posture for a wheelchair user is important for any wheelchair user, it ensures that your back and neck do not start aching in the long run and also it is a vital aspect to consider for your everyday comfort as you ride your wheelchair whether outdoors or indoors. Bad posture in your wheelchair may lead to more serious complications and this will worsen your situation. There are many ways of ensuring you maintain a good position but the surest way that is recommended by any physiotherapist is a good quality back support.

The Carbon Series Back Support by ADI available at Sportaid is among the best wheelchair back support in the market today. Sportaid offers it to you at an affordable price. This is a priceless item that you will not regret buying. Here are some of its amazing features and benefits of buying it.

Features of the Carbon Series Back Support By ADI

  1. It has a chair Width of 13″ to 19″/33cm to 48cm.
  2. The back support comes with two options to choose from, an active contour 2.5″ or deep contour 4″.
  3. With a choice of 3 mounting styles, your comfort is guaranteed.
  4. The Quick release that encompasses a removable mount, adjustable width, depth & angle mounting hardware is easy to use.
  5. It also has a stationary mount, fixed positioning this enhances sturdiness.
  6. The back support gives you stationary mount and adjustable positioning, the 2 point pros are ideal for your comfort.
  7. 250 lbs. Weight Limit.

The Pros and Cons of the Carbon Series Back Support By ADI


  1. It is essential in reducing back pain.
  2. Helps you maintain an  upright seating position in a chair all the time.
  3. Helps deter progression of postural deformities.
  4. Carbon Fiber material for the ultimate in strength without the weight.
  5. Provides maximum stabilization of trunk during push with less energy loss.


The weight limit is 250 lbs. This is not a con as such since it is rare to find a person weighing more than that.


Say goodbye to back pain and keep a good posture in your wheelchair as you go about your everyday life with the Carbon Series Back Support by ADI. Sportaid presents it to you at a lower price as is their custom not only on this product but on their broad range of products ranging from wheelchairs, walkers, wheelchair accessories to mention a few. Check out what they have and in case you have any queries do not hesitate to consult their friendly and ready-to-serve you staff.