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7 Reasons why it is actually cool to be in a Wheelchair

7 Reasons why it is actually cool to be in a WheelchairEver noticed how people tend to stare at a struggling to propel wheelchair user in the streets? Many are laden with sympathy and see the user as a helpless being. I used to have the same belief but I was wrong. To be honest with you wheelchair users have their own challenges and go through a lot of psychological, emotional and sometimes even physical pain. But that does not summarize their lives. There is a brighter side to their lives and to prove it here are facts explaining why.

Never have to stand for Lack of a Seat

No matter where you go you will always have somewhere to sit. The availability of a comfortable seat 24/7 is something not all of us can enjoy. If you have ever been in a queue in a crowded room then you will relate to what I am saying here. You will thank your wheelchair for offering you the comfort the majority of people in the room will be dying for. Continue reading

Is it time to talk more About Switching to Power Assist Wheelchair?

Power Assist WheelchairA manual wheelchair has its pros and cons. As the user, you will give first-hand information on the advantages of using a manual wheelchair. Transportability, providing exercise, your independence and the lower cost compared to the powered chairs make it a perfect choice. The long-term use of a manual wheelchair will, therefore, be something you may not bother changing sometime soon, but honestly, the continuous use of a manual wheelchair has its effects. In the long run, you will start experiencing regular stress-related injuries, fatigue and you will find it hard to ride manually on uneven and inclined terrains. That is when you will know that it is the time to switch over to the power assist wheelchair. If the following post describes you then your next wheelchair should be a power assist. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guidelines to Be Active in a Wheelchair

The Ultimate Guidelines to Be Active in a WheelchairKeeping physically active is essential for your body; it maintains your health and highly reduces the risk of developing diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, arthritis and even stroke. And that is not all: it also helps you to maintain your weight and not to get depression. As a wheelchair user, you have several activities and sports to choose from that will ensure you remain fit and healthy. I will give you a detailed guideline on how to do this.

First Things First

The foremost step you should take is consulting your doctor the moment you decide to embark on physical exercise. Your doctor will guide you on the type of exercises and the intensity of the activities that you can engage in. All you need to do here is set small attainable goals and choose activities you like doing. It may look like you are not doing much but it is one step at a time and boom! You are there. Continue reading

Powerful tips to Help You Modify Your House for Wheelchair Mobility

Powerful tips to Help You Modify Your House for Wheelchair MobilityWhen you shop for a wheelchair and look for the specific features and adjustments there is something else you need to keep in mind: The accessibility of your home. Modifying your home to accommodate your new lifestyle as a wheelchair user is one of the things you need to consider. The quality and level of permanence of the modifications will depend on the finances available and whether the house you live in is rented or not.

The following tips will ensure you transform your home into one that you or your family member in a wheelchair will find easy to live in.

The Bathroom

This is the room that many wheelchair users and elderly people find great difficulty using much as it is a room whose need is inevitable. The initial step in enabling the independence of a wheelchair user in the bathroom is to make the doorway wide enough to accommodate turning of the wheelchair from a hallway entrance.  A roll-in shower with hand-held shower and grab bars on the wall will come handy in making it easy for you to use the bathroom. Also, a 34″ lowered suspended sink is another accessory that is ideal for your convenience in the bathroom. Enough space on both sides of the bathroom is important for transfer. All these should be made non-slip, with covers of rubber mats, ceramic slips with anti-slip finishes. Continue reading