Facebook Friends Turned Ghosts

The Huffington Post’s Julie Kramer, a talented television news producer, wrote an interesting post titled Facebook Ghosts; brief, entertaining, and enough to send chills up the backs of Facebook enthusiasts everywhere. What prompted Kramer to write such a controversial piece? Darcy Pohland, was a journalist that long since passed away yet still frequents haunts the pages of Facebook.

Apparently, Facebook does not deny the existence of Ghosts roaming the walls within Facebook cyberspace. Kramer writes, Darcy Pohland’s “Facebook page is a cyber salute to her life. The bio on her information page is an obituary written by the deceased. . . .” A bio written by the deceased? Read the full article, and see what you make of it. Like all of Kramer’s writings, it is a good read.

Why was Kramer’s article of interest to us here at Sportaid? Well, Sportaid is on Facebook, and we welcome fans from everywhere. Moreover, it was Darcy Pohland, the journalist that long since passed away; Darcy Pohland, a quadriplegic with a degree in journalism that fulfilled here dream to be a television reporter. From a wheelchair, Darcy covered the news for fifteen years. Again, read the article. You will enjoy it; we’re certain of that.

Facebook Ghosts. June 7, 2010. By Julie Kramer, The Huffington Post. Full Story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-kramer/facebook-ghosts_b_603371.html