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Make your Showers Easy and Fun with the Anthros Medical Pool and Shower Wheelchair

Make your Showers Easy and Fun with the Anthros Medical Pool and Shower WheelchairThis Multipurpose Wheelchair can be used as a swimming pool chair as well as a shower chair. You can go with it right inside the swimming pool and it will never be corroded or rusted. It is 100% waterproof, this makes it durable. The mesh that makes up the seat will quickly dry after any contact with water. Sportaid offers you great discount offers not only on this wheelchair but on all their products. Keep reading to find out the detailed features of this wheelchair and why you should choose to purchase it at Sportaid.

Features of Anthros Medical Pool and Shower Wheelchair

  1. No matter how many times you get this wheelchair wet it is fact that it will never get rusted.
  2. The wheelchair is strong; it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The wheelchair is sturdy enough to handle the mentioned weight without breaking.
  3. You can either have the standard mesh upholstery on the seat or opt for other types of seats that can easily be fitted on this seat.
  4. The wheelchair is easy to clean and with the waterproof material used to make it is easy to keep it squeaky clean.
  5. It has a contoured back, this ensures that you maintain a good sitting posture and also sit in comfort.
  6. The wheelchair has swing away arms that make transfers in and out of the chair both easy and safe.
  7. Stability is paramount for any wheelchair user. The Anthros Medical is not an exception. It features an extended base that increases its stability.
  8. It also has 24″ rear wheels and 5″ front casters; that work hand in hand to give you the best ride.

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