Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing is a passion at In fact, Jimmy Green and his wife Stacy, founders and owners of Sportaid, have a world of experience in the field of wheelchair racing. Jimmy, an experienced competitive wheelchair racer himself, can tell us a lot about what makes for the best racing chair.

Is it the design, the materials, or how the wheelchair components are assembled? Let us examine one popular high performance racing chair, the High Performance Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR Racer!

The Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR Racer is definitely designed for speed and provides athletes with that Racer’s Edge needed for the most grueling of wheelchair racing events. Invacare Racers are designed for exceptional stability and aerodynamics.

There are two versions of the Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR Racers, the Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR Standard and the Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR Kneeling. These racing chairs are custom built to match up with the athlete in mind to ensure the athlete’s optimum position within the chair.

While the U, V and Open V-cage styles are available on the kneel-only OSR racing chair, the U-cage requires a Top End specialist to fit it properly to the racer. These different cage styles are offered to maximize individual athlete’s transfer skills while maintaining the stiffness of the chair frame. The more constant pressure you can exert on the rim, the more power you can transfer to the wheel.

When you are racing to win, the Top End Eliminator OSR is the racing chair you need. Contact a Sportaid representative today and learn more about availability and pricing. Most products are ready to ship the day you order. And don’t forget, Jimmy says “Find a lower or same price Sportaid will Beat it!!!!”

Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR


  • Carbon fiber rear wheels.
  • CorimaTM carbon fiber front wheel.
  • Alignment gauge.
  • Wheel bag.
  • Racing suit.
  • Solid seat/kneel plate.
  • Fixed footrest.
  • Cushion.
  • Cordless speedometer.
  • Helmet.
  • 18″ front wheel.


  • 6061 T6 oval tube aluminum frame.
  • Integral wrap-around fenders.
  • 4 cage designs: V, Open-V, U or I-cage.
  • Kneeling, amputee or traditional upholstery.
  • 700C or 26″ high performance rear wheels.
  • Caliper hand brake.
  • Aluminum side panels.
  • Straight axle tube with rear wheel alignment.
  • Aluminum fork.
  • Precision track compensator system.
  • 20″ front wheel with tubular tire.
  • Tire-coated 3/8″ diameter aluminum rims.
  • Aero bars.
  • Powder coat paint. — Sportaid’s history and customer service differentiates them from other medical equipment suppliers. In 1988, Sportaid was the first company of its kind. Sportaid has grown from a supplier of transport wheelchairs, wheelchair tires, and other everyday wheelchair accessories to a supplier of wheelchair cushions and backs, ROHO cushions, and high performance racing chairs.

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Invacare Wheelchairs at Sportaid

Invacare is the world’s leading manufacturer of assistive technology products and mobility assistance devices for people with disabilities. Innovative products from Invacare that are available here at include walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, and more.

Sportaid offers a full array of Invacare lightweight folding wheelchairs and lightweight rigid wheelchairs along with Sportaid’s famous collection of wheelchair accessories, wheelchair tires, and wheelchair cushions and backs, so if you are looking for a wheelchair or wheelchair parts and accessories, shop online at for top savings.

Invacare Wheelchairs – Behind the Brand

The beginning of Invacare wheelchairs as a brand can be traced all the way back to 1885. Years before becoming the extraordinary company it is today, the path was being laid for what would become the leading distributor and manufacturer of personal and medical wheelchairs. Invacare rose out of an entirely different organization called the Worthington Company, which was at the time producing wheelchairs and invalid chairs. While the company did produce an array of products the focus was always mainly on wheelchairs.

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Whether you are shopping here for the first time or the fiftieth, satisfaction is guaranteed. After over 20 years in the business helping people find Invacare at the lowest prices, we are still leading the industry! We carry a large selection of wheelchair cushions, wheelchair parts, and accessories. We are capable of beating any competitor’s advertised price, just call! Our customer service staff has over 50 years of experience, plus over 90 years of combined wheelchair use experience. We look forward to working with you!

Perfect Rated Terminator Wheelchair

I have been researching Invacare’s Top End Terminator Titanium Wheelchair, and it has received significantly more perfect reviews from Sportaid’s customers and than any product I have seen. Five customer rated this wheelchair sports chair a five out of five. The latest of this perfect ratings came from a wheelchair user named Mick Brown. Check a bit what he had to say about his Titanium Terminator Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair.

“…chair is light and very durable, this is my third invacare chair and the first one that is none adjustable, I had an A4 and the old everyday terminator ss suspension chair, this is my first titanium chair and I love it, the suspension improvements are GREAT! can’t imagine not having a suspension chair. Blows the quickie XTR and other suspension chairs out of the water…”

Wheelchair sports have found a top chair according the reviews.

Invacare ProSpin X4 Ultra Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

I was reading the reviews of the Invacare ProSpin X4 Ultra Lightweight Folding Wheelchair on today, and everyone is raving about the sports wheelchair‘s strengths. The ultra lightweight wheelchair received top ratings from at least six satisfied customers. Below are some of the highlights from those reviews.

Carmen Ramirez was asked to comment on what the best features of the chair are and wrote, “Weight, this chair is light!” Paul Manchey was impressed the ProSpin X4’s low weight, paint job, and adjustability. He wrote that he easily adjusted his wheelchair with “quick turns of nuts and sliding of tube.” From there Paul went on to become another customer to recommend the spinergy wheels option.

The X4 by Invacare also got one perfect rating which is always an exciting find. Nicolas, a Sportaid customer, reported the wheelchair sports chair having “Top notch performance for a folding chair.” Check out the Invacare ProSpin X4 Ultra Lightweight Folding Wheelchair when you get a chance.

Invacare ProSpin X4 UltraLightweight Folding Swingaway

The Invacare ProSpin X4 is of course also available with swing away footrests. A bit older the than the Fixed Front ProSpin X4, also available at, the Swing Away by Invacare has been getting rave reviews since 2005. When Dane bought his Invacare ProSpin X4 from Sportaid, his only complaint was that at the time this ultra lightweight wheelchair was not available with fixed front, and that problem has obviously been addressed by the good people at Invacare with the Invacare ProSpin X4 Fixed Front.


Another Sportaid customer, Carmen Ramirez picked up with Swing Away X4 and exclaimed shock and awe at the light weight. Her only regret was the paint job. She received her Invacare ProSpin X4 and wished she had chosen one of the other colors that Sportaid offers. Several of Sportaid’s customers completely agree with Carmen’s assessment of this ultra lightweight wheelchair’s weight, including Paul Manchey, Nicholas, and Peter T. Nielsen. Paul went on to report further enthusiasm for his folding wheelchair’s good tubing, and he apparently chose the right paint job for his Invacare ProSpin X4. Also, Sportaid’s Paul Manchey recommends the spinergy wheels and praises the Swing Away’s brake design especially on hills.


Paul had a problem with the Invacare ProSpin X4’s tiny hardware and found it difficult to replace parts, but Sportaid’s Peter T. Nielsen explained that Invacare has replaced his faulty part with no fuss. Paul Manchey was unfortunately a bit disappointed with the performance of his ultra lightweight wheelchair, but other Sportaid customers including Nicholas could not disagree more. Nicholas gave his Invacare ProSpin X4 Swing Away a perfect score and only withed he had ordered it from Sportaid sooner.


Invacare took each every tiny complaint about this highly adjustable Swing Away into account when they built the Invacare ProSpin X4 Fixed Front, also available at

Invacare ProSpin X4 UltraLightweight Folding Fixed Front Wheelchair

The Invacare ProSpin X4 UltraLightweight Folding Fixed Front Wheelchair introduces some of Invacare’s latest innovations in performance and frame and axle bracket design making among the lightest folding wheelchairs on the market. Sportaid offers the X-4 with user-friendly options including, but not limited to a fixed front and tons of adjustability. This ultra lightweight wheelchair also lives up to the reputation of Invacare ultra light line.


Valued Sportaid customer, Peter toft-Nielsen got his ProSpin X4 in 2007 is very happy with sleek design and stylish appearance. However, he had to admit that the brackets holding the wheels on the chair, had to be replaced shortly after purchasing this folding wheelchair, but Invacare was quick to respond and fix the problem at no expense.


WJ, another wheelchair user who bought the Invacare ProSpin X4 from Sportaid in 2007, loves the eighty degree frame in the front. WJ also reports being highly impressed with this ultra lightweight wheelchair’s ability to make turns in tight places with great ease and little effort. This Sportaid regular went on to give praise to the super light quick release wheels. WJ says they are great.


This Sportaid wheelchair user however did go on to indicate that the folding Invacare ProSpin X4 Wheelchair could have been a bit easier to fold. Invacare’s intention with this ultra lightweight wheelchair was to create a folding wheelchair that still provides Sportaid’s customers with everything they have always loved about the rigid wheelchair. Sportaid’s WJ also felt compelled to suggest that other wheelchair users go with the X-Core 5 Spoke Wheels with the Kik Mayo Tires on their Invacare ProSpin X4. WJ went with another combination at first and had to replace his wheels with the X-Core.


These options are of course available when you get your Invacare ProSpin X4 at